An alternative look at US railroading, at least in comparison to my usual pictures…


THE OPPOSITE VIEW to this picture taken at Dumesnil Street crossing in Louisville, Kentucky, show the rear end of a Norfolk Southern train (led by D9-40CWs NS 8938 & NS 9629) heading south. The car with the markers is Exxon Chemicals America Union Tank Car-built 27,290gal tank car ECUX 361071. The hazmat placard , which displays 1268, is for petroleum distillates.


Something a bit different. Triple Crown Services (Norfolk Southern) Wabash-built 53ft x 102″ Roadrailer sits in the TCS yard at Saginaw, Texas, on October 18th, 2005, surrounded by various support bogies. The Roadrailer concept is relatively common in the USA, which contrasts with its continued failure to take off - despite several attempts - in the UK or Europe.